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The road to a healthy mouth starts early. At TriCoast Dental, we believe that every child should start having their teeth cared for by an experienced dentist as soon as possible.

Baby Dental Exams

Not sure when to bring your baby to the dental office for their first visit? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your baby’s first dental exam after their first tooth erupts but no later than your child’s first birthday. Tooth decay can begin as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, so it is important to visit a dentist that can show you how to clean your child’s teeth, recommend oral care products and discuss diet and fluoride needs. Establishing a “dental home base” for your child to visit every year is important so your dentist can get to know you and your family’s specific needs. We invite you to make Tricoast Dental your dental home base so your child can receive the best, personalized care while growing up!

Children Dental Exams

At Tricoast Dental, our goal is to ensure that children feel comfortable and safe in a family-friendly and enjoyable environment. A lifetime of good oral health starts with dental education and preventive dentistry starting from a young age. We educate our patients about the importance of brushing, flossing, and other oral hygiene habits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives! If a child has positive and pleasant experiences with dentists in early childhood, they will most likely continue to have a positive perception of dentistry and continue to routinely visit their dentists into adulthood.

When children are raised to be aware of certain things, such as the dangers of unhealthy eating or the future problems that come from not brushing, rinsing or flossing their teeth consistently, they innately pursue a healthier lifestyle. Knowledge is power, and giving children the gift of knowledge about their future is one that keeps on giving. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body.
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Paying for Pediatric Dentistry

We accept nearly every type of dental insurance. We also accept Medicaid. Using these dental benefits helps pay for every type of procedure conducted at our dental office. For parents worried about the cost of certain procedures, it is well-noted that we work with all of our patients by creating affordable payment plans, as well as offering Care Credit.


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