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Bridges and Crowns

Fillings are not always appropriate for heavily decayed teeth. With the placement of a crown, even a heavily decayed tooth can be salvaged. Even in situations in which a tooth is lost, a bridge can be used to fill in the gap and attached to the adjacent teeth.

Crowns can be constructed of a variety of different materials, including the following:

  • Gold — A crown constructed of gold is usually placed on back teeth. Gold offers a number of advantages over porcelain, including the fact that it is easier to work with and will shrink less than porcelain when cast. It is also easier to polish.
  • Porcelain — This material is typically used for front teeth, although it could be used for back teeth, as well. One of the main benefits of porcelain is that it can appear extremely natural.

A bridge can be used to replace a lost tooth instead of using a dental implant or denture. In this procedure, a false or prosthetic tooth is attached to the adjacent teeth. The major disadvantage of a bridge is that it is necessary to prepare the neighboring teeth so they can accept the bridge.

Additionally, patients will need to wait at least three months before a bridge can be placed, due to the fact that the gum will shrink following a tooth extraction. Placing the bridge too early will allow a gap to appear beneath the false tooth. While this may not be as much of a problem at the back of the mouth, it would certainly be visible at the front of the mouth and cause a black line to appear along the gum.

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